[span6][banner banner_link=”about-us” title=”The MSV Story” text=”MSV is more than just a music school. It’s more than a place to learn songs and notes and how to get it right when it comes to music. It’s a whole new way to think about the performing arts and how to find your voice.

We encourage artists of all ages to fine tune and enhance their vocal instrument in every possible way, which definitely includes developing strong performance skill and healthy vocal techniques, as well as perhaps songwriting, music theory, maybe piano/guitar/ukulele accompaniment, and maybe all of those put together. Our well-rounded, experienced instructors challenge each student to explore and expand to define their own musical style, rather than expecting the student to conform to only one genre of music or concept of vocal performance as an art.

Founded by professional vocalists/songwriters/producers/arrangers Heather Ramsey Clark and Blair Clark, the techniques used at MSV are designed to draw out each artist’s unique talent, improve their vocal abilities and ultimately help them to love performing. We encourage you to read the founders and instructors biographies, and learn more about those who inspired each of them!

Is MSV right for you, or for an aspiring vocalist in your life? We encourage you (this isn’t just for the youngsters!) and/or your person of interest to call us, ask lots of questions, and then come in for a vocal evaluation. Try us on for size, and discover if what MSV offers can help you find your voice.” custom_class=”home-banner”]


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